Efficient IT support on request

Our employees are always ready to support any incidents or questions. We will assist you with the use of the installed cloud systems. Additionally, because of our extensive IT experience, you can also contact us with general IT related questions. Do not expect complex support agreements from us. We like a direct, hands-on approach!

Description of services

Questions and incidents can be reported by e-mail to support@cogetix.com or by phone at +32 3 666 02 40. For each entry, we will create a ticket in our service desk system. A staff member will then contact you to answer your question or provide a solution to your problem.


The time spent on your ticket is recorded in five minute intervals. As soon as your ticket is closed, you will receive an indication of the total time we have registered. At the end of each month, the total time spent is reported and you will receive an invoice for our services. The hourly rate is € 80 excl. VAT. Travel is billed at € 0,50 per kilometer.

More information about our service desk?